7 Website Navigation Mistakes To Be Avoided By The Designers

7 Website Navigation Mistakes To Be Avoided By The Designers

Website navigation has both negative as well as positive phase and if it is right, it can deliver you excellent results. It’s true, website navigation can either deliver a success or failure to the business. The function of navigation part is bringing great effect in traffic and search engine rankings. From your written content to particular URL, all website’s elements are greatly connected with navigation. It means that the higher website ranking you receive, gain more chances to increase the traffic as well as conversion rate. Only a good website navigation makes your arrivals to find what they are looking for and make the search engine to crawl. Being a designer, it’s crucial to avoid those navigation mistakes that ruin your website image in front of the visitors.

Below are the few mistakes that are generally made by the designer while working on navigation part of the website:

  1. Complicated Navigation Style
    The navigation must be designed in such a way that your audience find easier to use it. Most of the visitors expecting to watch horizontal navigation when visiting the site. You must implement the menu which keeps your audience to easily find the things that they are looking for. Being a designer, you must develop a way that makes the audience to travel around the whole website pages.
  2. Implementing Drop Down List
    The implementation of drop-down list in the navigation part is a completely wrong to attract the audience. The way in which these lists are programmed makes the search engine difficult to crawl the website. According to the usability, the use of drop-down menu is annoying as it makes the visitors skip the important pages.
  3. Too Much Stuffing In Navigation
    A website with a number of links in navigation part become terrible for the visitors. It’s ideal to use fewer menu items so audience easily checks for the important details. Being a designer, you must challenge to limit your navigation up to 5-6 items only to make the site more likely to rank.
  4. Incorrect Order
    When you are representing the menu items, the order that you have presented matter a lot. Your online viewers give their attention to all top as well as bottom pages of the site. It’s essential to place all the items systematically and place the most important items on the top of the navigation. According to audience needs, place those items upper for which they are looking for.
  5. Missing Flexibility
    Navigation is that part of the website for which the designer needs to remain flexible. It’s necessary to remain updated with new ideas and suggestions to improve the content management system. One must keep on changing the labels and orders to make the navigation work well for both audience and search engine crawler.
  6. Not Mobile-Friendly
    The more mobile-responsive website elements are, more the audience will attract towards you. Mobile -friendly concept is essential for your site otherwise your competitors will take your place. One can also use the most popular example of hamburger navigation style to get high traffic.
  7. Using Buttons Over links
    As per the latest web design trends, using links rather than buttons is helpful in improving the navigation. The few reasons behind using links are they are completely searching friendly, easily updated and load whereas buttons are slow loading time and are less accessible to use in the navigation part.

To satisfy your huge audience, the only need is to use easy navigation without hurting the user experience. With the implementation of useful navigation practices and neglecting few poor linking situations, you can make audience navigate through a lot of content. Being a small business entrepreneur, you can hire a help of professional web designing team who can implement outstanding navigation part for your brand. To deliver better sense within your menu, you can choose our professionals at Webmechanix.


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